APAMApplied Physics and Applied Mathematics (Columbia University; New York, NY)
APAMArchives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
APAMAssociation des Pompiers Auxiliaires de la Montérégie (French; Quebec firefighters)
APAMAgricultural Input & Output Price Indices Monthly (Ireland)
APAMAsian Pacific American Media Task Force (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
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Catella AB (STO:CATB), a provider of financial services and products, announced on Sunday that through Catella Property Fund Management AB (CPFM), it has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire a majority stake in a UK real estate investment and asset management company, APAM Ltd.
The Queensland Government is a key funding partner in hosting the bi-annual APAM, an event which has helped to generate interest and opportunities for Queensland-based performing arts companies in markets across the globe, Ms Enoch said.
Luego se describe brevemente a la APAM como organizacion que surge con el objeto de reivindicar las demandas de los productores de yerba mate en un contexto de concentracion de la renta.
Thanks to its success in attracting private sponsors, APAM has been able to organize two conferences.
With the existing delivery partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse concluding with APAM 2018 the Australia Council initiated a tender process for the next APAM partner for 2020-2024.
In this article, we compare the morphology of polymer blends obtained from the APAM with that from the laboratory batch mixer.
A polyelectrolyte system, ATC + CS + APAM, appeared to be the most cost effective, but the operating cost doubles when conditions are optimized to improve drainage.
In Townsville, the acclaimed Dancenorth will receive $59,100 to develop and present its exciting new contemporary production Dust, and a further$16,710 to enable the company to present multiple Helpmann Award winning work Attractor at APAM in February, Ms Enoch said.
This filling volume was used in the APAM to allow for axial flow and folding at the free surface.
In addition to the basic filter, Bsafe Online also offers a full security-suite that includes an intergraded APAM filters, firewall detection, pop-up blocker and the power and trust of McAfee Antivirus.