APAMEAsia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (Seoul, South Korea)
APAMEAssociation des Promoteurs pour l'Avancement de la Mathématique à l'Élémentaire
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The idea, he said, was conceived during a meeting of WPRIM in Seoul during November 27- 28, 2007 and APAME was established at a meeting held at Seoul Korea on May 4-5th 2008.
We always try to be inclusive and elect our office bearers of APAME by consensus.
We see expanded and enhanced role of APAME in medical journal publishing.
APAME will help promote networking among authors, librarians, reviewers and researchers and also help upgrade our journals, he remarked.
It revealed that the rich and more resourceful courtiers in APAME like Japan, Korea and Japan were helping not only financially but also providing expertise to promote research and medical writing in other countries in their region that are not so well developed.
On the other hand, APAME countries like Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia have all formed Association of Medical Editors which were doing a commendable job and in coming years, many other countries in APAME are going to have Associations of Medial Editors, he added.
APAME, it may be mentioned here was formed in 2009 to support and promote medical journalism in the Asia Pacific region by fostering networking, education, discussion and exchange of information and knowledge.
The programme includes biannual General Assembly for members of APAME, and General Meeting for the Association of Malaysian Medical Journal Editors (AMMJE).
He hoped that GIN and APAME will find ways for networking in future as well.
About 6% of its source is from countries represented by APAME.
Extracted, Reprinted from Proceedings of APAME Congress, Pak J Med Sci 2011;27(5):1217-1224
John Arokiasamy President of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME) during the APAME congress held at Korea recently.