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APANAsia Pacific Area Network
APANAsia-Pacific Advanced Network (est. 1997)
APANAll Partners Access Network (social networking website)
APANArchiwum Polskiej Akademii Nauk (Polish: Polish Academy of Sciences Archive; est. 1953; Warsaw, Poland)
APANAcetone Peroxide Ammonium Nitrate (high-order explosive)
APANAEGIS Performance Assessment Network
APANAssociation of Professional Aerial Navigators
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See Rodica Diana Apan, Protectia juridica a consumatorilor.
478 mmol/g Laszlo Estimated adsorption (2005) capacity is about 14 [micro]A/g carbon with APAN Virote et al.
In addition to employing APAN to spread information, the command used various other social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, and ReliefWeb to gather and share information.
With simulated Panama Canal scenarios at the ready, PANAMAX participants relied upon APAN, each other and translators to communicate key themes, messages and guidance.
Being the national research and education network (REN), it has maintained network connectivity to the global Next Generation Internet (NGI) community such as Internet2, APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) and TEIN2 (Trans-Eurasia Information Network).
The vocabulary also contains a distressing number of ghost-word duplicates: apan(i) 'behind, after' is the same as apan 'afterwards, in future'; ari- 'time, age' is merely erroneous for the correctly listed ara/i- 'age'; hanti 'against' is merely a special use of hanti 'in front of, before,' and so on.
Preliminary observations from cerebrospinal fluid from these healthy volunteers indicate that Apan successfully passes through the blood-brain barrier and apparently stimulates the clearance of amyloid beta, a suspected key culprit in the development of Alzheimer's disease.
To make matters more complex, J apan was more trade dependent in 1980 than in 1998: 15.
Ireland is chairman, founder, and chief executive of Owings Mills, MD-based Apan, a $2.
The third section of the journal, headed "Discussion, Signals, Reviews, Notes," contains conference reports ("Zlaten Kesten [The Golden Chestnut Tree]: The First International Symposium and the Second National Festival of Old Urban Songs, Petrich, Bulgaria, October 13th-17th, 1993;" and an international symposium in honor of Constantin Brailoiu, held in Bucharest, September 8th-13th, 1993) as well as two short articles, one comparing the styles of two gypsy bands based on their recordings, the other a review of a recent panpipe method book by Valeriu Apan.
Impressive flowerheads a Ca Ca Ca Ca Caro ro ro ro r l wi wi wi with th th a Ca Ca Ca Ca Caro ro ro ro r l wi wi wi with th th ag ag ag agap ap apan an a th thus us us us at Gl Gl Gl G eb eb eb ebe Co Co C tt tt tt ttag ag ag age
Apan (1976) prepared a map of vegetation coverage in Mindoro, Philippines by using TM data [5].