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APANAAustralian Public Access Network Association
APANAAutistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse
APANAAsian Pacific American Network in Agriculture
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Baba Apana sings "ko leye won, yio ye won l'ola" (they cannot understand, but they'll understand tomorrow).
Before entering upon a few disagreements or suggestions for improvements, I mention the two outright mistakes I have come across: Olivelle inadvertently failed to translate the word buddhi at Baudhayana 1.1.15, and at Vas 30.5 the word prana was mistranslated as "out-breath" and apana as "in-breath." (22) Now to a few interesting differences.
Sin embargo, dicho linga no puede operar sin la existencia de un cuerpo fisico, que se describe atravesado por cinco vientos o alientos: respiracion (prana), excrecion (apana), digestion (samana), aliento ascendente (udana) y aliento difuso (vyana).
The event was organized in association with NGO's like INDRADHANUSH SAMAJ KALYAN SAMITI & APANA GHAR.
Mary Apana serves tasty versions, plus plate lunches and fresh poke, from her food truck.