APANOAsian Pacific American Network of Oregon (Portland, OR)
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This program will have a positive impact on our community development by ensuring a skilled workforce that includes women, traditionally an untapped human resource full of talent and potential," said APANO president Dorothy Wynne.
This letter is signed and supported by June Arima Schumann and Pamela Phan, co-chairwomen of APANO; Reagan Le, APANO (Eugene); Steven Morozumi of the University of Oregon Multicultural Center; Elena Nielsen of the Philippine American Association; Jason Mak and Misa Joo of the Pan Asian Community Alliance; Mike Takahashi from the Japanese community; and Marvy Schuman from the pan-Asian community.
Weakened yen affects carriers serving Japan apanOs yen, weakened by unprecedented monetary easing, damped a benchmark revenue gauge at Delta Air Lines Inc.