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APAOAsia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology
APAOAssistant Public Affairs Officer (various locations)
APAOAsphalt Pavement Association of Oregon (Salem, OR)
APAOamorphous polyalphaolefin
APAOAggregate Producers' Association of Ontario (Canada)
APAOAssociation of Physician Assistants in Oncology
APAOAmorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins
APAOAsian Pacific Astronomy Olympiad
APAOAcute Peripheral Arterial Occlusion (artery blockage)
APAOArchaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania
APAOAtactic Poly Alpha Olefins
APAOAlternative Policy Advisory Organizations
APAOAmes Public Affairs Office (NASA)
APAOAssociation of Performance Art Organizers
APAOAmino Phenyl Arsine Oxide
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Zhang, "Study on the amorphous poly alpha olefin (APAO) modified asphalt binders," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
Uma particularidade observada no abuso incestuoso sao os lapos afetivos e de confianpa estabelecidos entre vitima e abusador, criando sentimentos contraditorios na crianpa e a cronificapao da apao incestuosa, tornando-a um segredo permanente na familia (Froner & Ramires, 2009).
The reason for this is that SSAT is an inducible enzyme, while APAO (acetylpolyamine oxidase) is generally constitutively expressed and rate-limited by the availability of the acetylated substrate (Figure 1).
Clinical evaluation of a combination carboxymethylcellulose and hyaluronic acid eye drop in dry eye, was presented at the APAO event in China (24-27 March).
The three major enzymes that are involved in polyamine metabolism (SSAT, APAO, and SMO) are encoded by SAT1, PAOX, and SMOX genes, respectively.
As the embassy's APAO, I traveled to Ebola Treatment Centers built with U.S.
Alem de participarem como ingredientes de inumeros alimentos, tornando-os mais saborosos e digestivos, as especiarias utilizadas como condimentos alimentares apresentam apao indireta e complementar como agentes antimicrobianos devido a presenpa de oleos essenciais (2).
4 March 2011 - US-based biotherapeutic and biotechnology company Talecris Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ: TLCR) announced yesterday it has been granted Orphan Drug designation by the European Commission for the development of Plasmin (human) to treat acute peripheral arterial occlusion (aPAO).
Os elevados teores de fibra alimentar e acucares encontrados na uva-do-j apao e seus derivados (extrato concentrado e farinha) indicam que podem ser incluidos na dieta como alimento fonte de fibras ou na utilizacao para enriquecimento nutricional de produtos.
11-15 * 25th Congress of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO).
The [eta]* decreases with increasing APAO content caused by blending of very low [eta]* of APAO (dotted line in Figs.