APASOAsian Pacific American Student Organization (Michigan State University)
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Though it contains no concrete ritual details concerning the post rite, we will see further on that it is not without interest: jato jayate sudinatve ahnam samarya a vidathe vardhamanah punanti dhira apaso manisa devaya vipra ud iyarti vacam (RV 3.8.5) (Though already) born, he is born (again) on the best of the days, growing strong in the offering ceremony in the meet.
The posts, having been anointed with ghee, raised, founded, and dressed, now stand impressively upright on the earth: (49) RV 3.8.5 RV 3.8.10 jato jayate sudinatve ahnam srganivec chrnginam sam dadrsre samarya a vidathe vardhamanah casalavantah svaravah prthivyam punanti dhira apaso manisa devaya vaghadbhir va vihave srosamana vipra ud iyarti vacam asmam avantu prtanajyesu (Though already) born, he is born With their capitals, the posts on (again) on the best of days, the earth resemble the horns of growing strong in the offering horned (animals).
Fortunately there are more than 40 local theatre service organizations working to meet these needs-the APASO network, comprised of groups like Theatre Bay Area, ART/NY and the League of Chicago Theatres-who are indispensable to the field and who are often gracious partners to TCG in its work.