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APASSAsian Pacific American Student Services
APASSAntiphospholipid Antibodies in Stroke Study
APASSArkansas Part A Standard System (Medicare)
APASSAnglo-Polish Academic Services
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APASS uses two pairs of 8-inch astrographs, one in New Mexico and the other in Chile.
APASS uses solely commercial hardware and software, working largely thanks to vendor support and private grants.
The use of numerous color filters will make it easier for astronomers to combine APASS data with their own observations of a star.
Uncommon abbreviations: AF = actor focus, APASS = antipassive, EV = evidential, INV = inverse, NS = nonsubject, OBV = obviative, P = passive-like verbal form in Sinhala, PC = past conjunct, PD = past disjunct, PF = patient-focus, PP = present/past tense, pt = potent case inflection, TOP- topic, SMP = subject-marking noun particle, SPON = spontaneous.