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Name of project: providing amenities to apau colony park in saidabad, div-24.
Results about Pedagogical Content Knowledge , Technological Content Knowledge, technological Pedagogical Knowledge and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge indicate that tutors' did not had proper training and resources to use technologies in their teaching (Guzey, and Roehrig, 2009; Zhou, Zhang and Li, 2011 and Apau, 2017).
These watersheds were important migration routes for a number of groups in the Tinjar, such as the Berawan, Sebop, Lirong, and various Kenyah sub-groups as well as the Penan who migrated to the Tinjar and Baram Rivers from the Usun Apau area in the Belaga District in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
A Boera interlocutor, Moi Higo, told Chatterton (1968) that Edai Siabo lived at Davage, and inaugurated the hiri there, before the Apau moved to their present site at Boera.
Michu Apau played the entire duration for Slovan Bratislava as they thumped Z.Moravce 4-0
Sarawak Energy regularly holds awareness sessions on fire safety among the villages in Belaga, inaugurating Fire Safety Awareness and Prevention Programme for 15 longhouses in the Bakun Resettlement area in Sungai Asap and Apau Koyan last year.
She was born on 1st July' 1961 and graduated in Veterinary Sciences from APAU, Hyderabad in 1983.
The evidence, interestingly, is in the form of borrowed words between Kajang languages and Western-Lowland Kenyah, a subgroup within the larger Kenyah group whose homeland is the Usun Apau watershed (Smith 2015b).
Leominster 4, North 1: Sophomores Nahuel Algibay and Emmanuel Apau each scored twice as the visiting Blue Devils prevailed at Foley Stadium in the opener for both teams.
HAWAII: Matthew Douglas Apau Jachowski, Maul H.S., Kahului.
When co-workers Ross Rimell and Clarence Apau went into business together 15 years ago, obtaining the bank loan was easy.