APAVAssociação Portuguesa De Apoio Á Vítima (Portugal)
APAVAccreditation Program for Australian Veterinarians (Animal Health Australia)
APAVAtrial Peak Filling Velocity
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Informes europeos, tales como los elaborados por APAV e INTERVICT (2009) y Matrix y Felix (2010), confirman la falta de informacion como uno de los problemas mas importantes que afecta a las victimas de delitos en el contexto de la JR.
Features: 1) a built-in LCD peak voltage display with 100 V resolution (eliminates the requirement for a secondary voltmeter); 2) a safety switch feature on the "power pak" instantly shuts the APAV off when it is released; 3) a super-bright LED holiday indicator; 4) an ergonomic open handle and case; 5) locking cables and compatibility with existing accessories; 6) a carrying case with wheels, and comes with an adapter which allows users to employ electrodes from other manufacturers.
Regarding Portuguese data, between 2000 and 2009 a total of 5917 children and teenagers resorted to Portuguese Association for Victim Support (Statistics Unit of APAV, 2010).