APAWAmerican Poodles at Work (Warren, MA)
APAWAsphalt Paving Association of Washington
APAWAmelia Patrons for Animal Welfare (Amelia, VA)
APAWAnnoying People at Work
APAWAboriginal People's Awareness Week
APAWAustralian Platelet Antibody Workshop
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To learn more about APAW and how it supports and empowers pet owners across the U.
APAW strives to offer an informative forum where pet owners can voice their perspectives, thoughts and concerns, as well as obtain important information specifically about over-the-counter and prescription pet medications.
In fact, due to some unfortunate circumstances in past contests, aPaws board members have had to modify the rules to include penalties for body checking the competition.
CONTACT: Cheresee Rehart - President, +1-813-657-9797, or Paul Chesler - Vice President, +1-727-224-7886, both of aPaws
Not only does aPaws make this event available for its growing membership, but they encourage the more than 800 professional pooper scoopers nationwide to join in the fun.
To learn more about aPaws and some of the diseases related to dog feces or to find a professional pooper scooper near you, please visit our website: http://www.
aPaws members agree to follow a Code of Ethics that include to not mistreat animals; report any mistreatment of animals that they observe; disinfect all tools after every yard to protect the health of the animals they serve; and carry liability insurance.
To learn more about aPaws please visit our website: http://www.
In recognition of a growing problem in our communities, environment and water tables, aPaws has established a special week of educating pet owners on the importance of cleaning up the after their dogs.