APAYAAsian Pacific American Youth Alliance (New York, NY)
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"Such acts were barbaric and inhuman, aimed at nothing but international starvation of the civil population from accessing health facilities," said Apaya.
(57.) In Pali Buddhism, the realm of animals (Pali tirachana) is one of four "states of unhappiness" (apaya).
A re keletso ke go bona baithuti ba simolola dikgwebo mme ba ntse ba tshegeditse go tsena sekolo a tlatsa ka gore bangwe ba baithuti kwa Kgatleng ba ithuta go apaya apaya dijo ka go farologana le go roka ditlatlana.
According to the CAAP director general LIA authorities held a seminar for some 1,400 members of Barangays Apaya, Araniw, Gabu Sur, and Gabu Norte, all in Laoag City, highlighting aviation safety and security regulations including the danger posed by migratory birds, runway incursions of vehicles and livestock, as well as kids flying kites.
(11), it is impossible to mention a beneficiary within a monoclausal construction headed by the verb apaya 'cook' in its non-derived form.
The book is sold at 50 Sudanese pounds per copy, equivalent to $20, and it is sold at Apaya bookshops in Juba and other state books shops.
Avodire, apaya, appayia, blimah-pu, olon, apeya, lusamba, agbe, esu, engen, African satinwood, African furniture wood African white mahogany.
For example, apaya `danger' is abaayam rather than *[avaayam]; rupayi `rupee' is [ruubaa(y)], not *[ruuvaa]; and rupa `form' is also reborrowed as ruubam.