APBBAmyloid Beta A4 Precursor Protein-Binding, Family B
APBBAdvanced PROM Building Blocks
APBBAscension Pony Boys Baseball (Duplessis, LA)
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We will test the APBB algorithms on various examples using randomly generated data and the real life ORL database [36] and CBCL database [35] and compare them with the Lee-Seung, Lin, and HALS/RRI algorithms.
We then incorporate them into an ANLS framework and obtain four APBB algorithms for nsNMF.
As mentioned in the introduction, the APBB algorithms alternately solve the subproblems for nsNMF using a projected Barzilai-Borwein method.
In this paper, we will use the second set, that is, conditions (2.19) and (2.20) to terminate our APBB algorithms.
As mentioned earlier, each of our APBB algorithms for the nsNMF problem 1.2 is based on a PBB method for solving Subproblems (1.14) and (1.15), alternately.
We are now ready to present the APBB algorithms for nsNMF which are based on the four PBBNLS methods respectively.
_ Two elevator shafts to APBB (amount of lift shafts)
_ riser zone for APBB caverns end Ost the Sdkaverne
In order to take account of capacity development and the associated customer-friendliness, the construction of the new underpass in the middle of the project apbb lot 3 - perronhalle, the new construction of the perrons, the wall opening, the access to the lnggasse.
La prsente soumission cfc 23 installations lectriques concerne l~installation du prolongement temporaire de quai (quai non couvert et marquise avec accs couvert) et l~installation sur les quais 1-6 dans le cadre du projet apbb. Les quais 1 6 seront rehausss dans la hall des quais.description dtaille du projet et mtrs conformment a la bie b1 conditions particulires
Within the scope of the extension of the public transport system Bahnhof Bern (APBB) various building projects are realized.