APBB1Amyloid Beta A4 Precursor Protein-Binding, Family B, Member 1
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We observe that in this case, APBB1, APBB2, and APBB3 methods are substantially faster than Lin's method and APBB4.
In summary, based on the performance of the APBBi methods and Lin's method on the four types of randomly generated NMF problems using the aforementioned stopping criteria, we conclude that APBB1, APBB2, and APBB3 methods converge significantly faster than Lin's method for large size, difficult, and exactly factorable problems in terms of CPU time used.
As APBB1, APBB2, and APBB3 have similar performance based on the results in Subsection 4.2, we chose APBB2 to test and compare it with the Lee-Seung and Lin methods on a real life problem: the reduced size ORL face database (see [36, 17]).