APBLAsia Pacific Breweries Ltd. (Singapore)
APBLAntipseudomonal Beta Lactam
APBLAuthentic Problem Based Learning
APBLAtlantic Paintball League
APBLAutomatic Power Boom Lowering (System)
APBLAtmospheric Planetary Boundary Layer
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Also, students in aPBL discussions tend make fewer but longer statements, which has also been described as more reflective (HmeloSilver, 2003; Lan, Tsai, Yang, & Hung, 2012).
The APBL requires more complex courseware as compared to the classical PBL as it is necessary to plan simultaneous learning of several subjects (course units) which are studied side-by-side and develop the cases, the solving of which suggests complex usage of the decisions offered by different courses.
The fourth moment which shows the strong distinction of APBL from PBL is the different role of a teacher.
In the TEMPUS MEDIS project the implementation of APBL looks this way.