APBNAsia-Pacific Biotech News
APBNAnggaran Pendapatan Belanja Negara (Indonesian: State Budget)
APBNAssociation of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (Alawusa, Lagos, Nigeria)
APBNAsia Pacific Business Network
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Absorption of APBN needs to be increased to wide fiscal space
In addition the government needs to accelerate implementation of APBN projects.
The APBN instrument will be effective in achieving the goals of development if backed up with accurate budget planning and consistence in implementation.
Table APBN 2003 and RAPBN 2004 (Rp billion) Description 2003 APBN % of GDP A.
Table - 2B Routine expenditures by economic classification APBN 2000 and RAPBN 2001
Rp billion) Sources of funds APBN Foreign Programs Domestic loans 1.
Gas lifting (mboepd) -- -- -- Economic indicators 2013 2014 APBNP APBN 1.