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APCIAtmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
APCIAir Products & Chemicals, Inc.
APCIAdvisory Panel on Country Information (UK)
APCIAssociation of Professional Color Imagers
APCIApplied Personal Computing, Inc. (Fairview Heights, IL)
APCIAmerican Personal Chef Institute
APCIApplication-Layer Protocol Control Information
APCIAssociation of Police and Court Interpreters
APCIAdditional Calling Party Information Indicator
APCIArmor Piercing Capped Incendiary
APCIAdvocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness (Farmington, CT)
APCIAdvanced Programming, Consulting & Integration (Fairview Heights, IL)
APCIAffirming Pentecostal Church International (Indianapolis, IN)
APCIAgence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle (French: Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation)
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In particular, Healy-Morrow noted a shared commitment to programs for youth, citing their active involvement in Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth (CLAY) events, and a 2012 visit from Montreal youth to APCI.
With membership spanning 49 of the 50 United States, APCI needed a core system that would allow it to focus primarily on the evolving member experience.
APCI members will benefit from a host of PrescribeWellness services to address all obstacles to adherence including, its trusted “Voice of Authority” channel-focused communications platform which uses the voice of the pharmacist to engage patients, its prescription synchronization program which empowers the pharmacist to support patients on multiple maintenance medications in a more impactful way, and its LinkWellness Dashboard, a powerful interface that allows unique, pharmacy database reporting and segmentation revealing at-risk patients, adherence levels, med sync opportunities as well as other areas that drive patient engagement.
in the CALIPER group (1) measured steroids by tandem mass spectrometry with an APCI source.
This recommendation will forever change community relationships within the Anglican church," said suffragan bishop for APCI Barbara Andrews.
The evolution from APCI to AIE came as a result of meetings in Stowe, Vt.
Portrait labs can now explore consumer and professional accounts by attending APCI and PSPA sessions.
We used APCI because preliminary experiments demonstrated a two- to threefold increase in sensitivity compared with ESI.
Varian's APCI accessory for LC/MS is indicative of these new cost-conscious trends in ionization products.
New technologies including APCI DMR, Chart Energy & Chemicals Inc- IPSMR, LNG Limited- OSMR and Shell PMR continue to emerge to meet specific terminal requirements
The purpose of this RFP is to procure one refurbished Thermo LTQ XL mass spectrometer or equivalent, including Ion Max Source with ESI Probe and APCI probe which will allow for more extensive coverage for predicted and unpredicted metabolites and the ability to perform peptide quantification using isobaric labeling.
It is no doubt a huge potential for businesses specializing in hydrogen production such as APCI.