APCMAAll Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association
APCMAAboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards (Canada)
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This is just one step-ahead to our commitment with APCMA and we will ensure that we extend our support to other manufacturing Industries in Pakistan," he added.
The APCMA has approached Lafarge because of their high safety standards compliances at the international level.
Love is not the only Alberta performer nominated for an APCMA this year.
APCMA expressed dismay that actual reduction in excise duty felt short by Rs.
A spokesman of the APCMA stated that continuous losses to cement industry are unbearable and might jeopardize the servicing of Rs.
In the presentation made before MCA, APCMA contended that the industry was incurring a loss of over Rs.
A spokesman of APCMA said that Pakistan is already exporting cement to India through sea and train but the plants located in the northern part of Pakistan (where the bulk of cement is produced) cannot export by Sea due to high inland freight whereas limited capacity of train allow limited exports.
APCMA further argues that existing price of cement around Rs.
KARACHI, March 08, 2011 (Frontier Star): A spokesman of APCMA said that during the month of February 2011 cement sales for domestic market was 1.
Again APCMA should pursue this matter with the concerned Ministries of the Government, so that additional areas of cement consumption could be explored.
In this connection, unlike the earlier inspection of APCMA in which CCP encountered a lot of resistance, the Commission would like to recognize the cooperation shown by the APSMA.
He said that during last three years CCP conducted total 19 enquiries reports and held four search and inspection operation in APCMA, PSMA, Poultry and PJMA.