APCRActivated Protein C Resistance
APCRAir Pollution Control Residue
APCRArmor Piercing Composite Rigid
APCRAssociation pour la Catéchèse en Rural (French: Association for Rural Catechism)
APCRAnalysis, Prompting, Checking, and Reporting
APCRActivate PDP (Packet Data Protocol) Context Request
APCRAssociation Pêche Côtière du Roussillon (French: Coastal Fisheries Association of Roussillon; Roussillon, France)
APCRAnchored Polymerase Chain Reaction (genetics)
APCRAssociation de la Presse Catholique Régionale (French: Regional Catholic Press Association)
APCRAsymmetric Polymerase Chain Reaction (hematology)
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The heterozygous form was determined in 2 (20%) out of 10 patients evaluated for APCR levels.
(5,6) FVL affects about 5% of the white population and is responsible for more than 95% of cases of APCR. (5,7,8) Activated protein C is an intrinsic plasma anticoagulant that cleaves factor Va at several conserved arginine residues.
In the pregnant women, subject 17 for PC, subject 4 for AT, subjects 1 and 14 for PS free, subject 13 and samples 1 and 2 for subject 14 for PS activity, and subjects 1 and 5 for APCR were excluded based upon outlying subjects or samples.
Among the components of physical fitness, differences were found (p<0.05) in the flexibility, power of the upper limbs (FMS), power of the lower limbs (IMF) and cardiorespiratory fitness (APCR) all in favor of students athletes compared to students without participation in sports activities.
FVL mutation is responsible for 95% of cases of APCR. The risk of venous thrombosis is increased 7 times in heterozygote and 80 times in homozygote carriers.9 Recently several studies have suggested that FVL mutation, through the production of micro thrombosis on placental bed blood vessels, cause low placental perfusion, placental infarction, and is strongly associated with RPL and maternal and foetal complications.10 It causes 2-6 fold increase in the risk of preeclamsia in FVL carriers.
Certain medium tanks and light tanks use APCR as their default ammo, making them particularly effective at engaging moving targets.
Patients with the aforementioned conditions are frequently screened for the presence of APCR, prothrombin gene mutation, antiphospholipid antibodies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and protein C and S, and antithrombin deficiency; however, SPS is not routinely included in screening for thrombophilia.
The Alliance of Chronic Patients (APCR) signed on Thursday a collaboration protocol with the Healthcare minister Eugen Nicolaescu, as part of a larger reform program pursued by the ministry, which aims to switch treatment focus from hospitals to ambulatory and intensify prevention practices.Nicolaescu said the budget of the National Insurance Body (CNAS) has been increased by 50 percent for ambulatory services.
Thrombocytosis was observed in 33% of IBD patients, hyperhomocysteinemia in 26.7%, increased D-dimer values in 25.3%, elevated C3 in 15.4%, and resistance to activated protein C (APCr) in 5.6% [93].
software automatically calculated "best-it" of the regression and a standard curve was established, the linear relationship between APCR cycle number and ADNA concentration.
Activated protein C resistance (APCR) is the inability of protein C to cleave Factor Va, which allows for longer duration of thrombin degeneration and may lead to a hyper-coagulable state (3).
APCR employs the highest level of Research Professionals exclusively focused on providing exceptional quality and service to those we serve.