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APCSAsia Pacific Cities Summit
APCSAdvanced Pre Crash System
APCSAdvanced Pre Collision System
APCSAdvanced Placement Computer Science
APCSAlexandria Park Community School (Sydney, Australia)
APCSAir Pollution Control System
APCSAsia Pacific Computer Services
APCSAcademics Plus Charter School (Maumelle, AR)
APCSAutomated Project Control System (NASA)
APCSAssociation pour la Promotion des Carrières Sanitaires (French: Association for the Promotion of Sanitation Careers)
APCSArgonne Premium Coal Sample
APCSAssembly for the Promotion of Civil Society (Cuba)
APCSAssociation des Propriétaires de Challenger Scout (French boating association)
APCSApproach Power Control Set
APCSAeronautical Production Control System
APCSAdvanced Passenger Control System (biometrics, airports, transportation)
APCSAssociaçao Portuguesa dos Chartered Surveyors (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Chartered Surveyors)
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There are inherent risks when nurses practise in an area/s which a condition on their APCs excludes.
Using these unique systems we can study the phenotype of lung immunity in a physiologic environment in the tissue and characterize the role of AEC and APC cross-talk during normal lung function or in response to particles or pathogens.
Comparing y-irradiation of Drosophila APCs or UVDEX treatment by the FACS analysis of live cell expression of HLA-ABC, CD80, and CD54 from two different treatments demonstrated that UVADEX completely inactivated Drosophila cells (Figure 3(b), right channel) while the treatment from [gamma]-irradiation did not inactivate Drosophila cells completely (Figure 3(b), middle channel).
Application of the RF current at this site resulted in disappearance of APCs.
APCS were supported by the ZhongHao Corneal Engineering Corporation (Qingdao, China) according to the method previously reported [43].
Western diplomatic sources have said the APCs were delivered to the Lebanese Army by the United States as part of a program to equip that force.
(18) CD80 (expressed in APCs) interacts with CLTA-4 (on T cells) and seems to suppress T-cell response.
(3) Multi-detector CT angiography is useful in demonstrating the PA anatomy, along with the significant APCs. (3,6,7) Gadolinium-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) angiography is a feasible, fast and accurate technique for identification of all sources of pulmonary blood flow in patients with complex PA anatomy.
The 77 APCs were acquired by the AFP from the US government through the Excess Defense Article (EDA) Program, the US Embassy in Manila confirmed yesterday.
Key to supporting the mission are its deployed Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Armoured/Infantry Fighting Vehicles (A/ IFV).
Regarding APCs, the National Guard has a total of 395 APCs and the Turkish Forces have 627, so for each APC National Guard the ratio is 1:1.4.