APD50Action Potential Duration at 50%
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Acidosis reduced frequency and [V.sub.max] (the maximal depolarization velocity) and shortened APD50 and APD90 (repolarization of AP at 50 and 90%) but did not influence the RP (resting potential) and APA (amplitude of AP) (Figures 1(c)-1(h)).
Lidocaine and Ni[Cl.sub.2] shortened APD50 more strongly than they did on APD90, suggesting minor effects of [I.sub.Na] and [I.sub.NCX] on the late phase of APD.
Representative traces of APs (c), mean values of resting potential (d), AP amplitude (e), maximal depolarization speed (f), APD50 (g), and APD90 (h) are shown.
The major findings of our study are as follows: (i) Electrophysiological changes in DM group included prolonged IACT and increased AERPD; (ii) Increased inducibility of AF and LA interstitial fibrosis are evident and may constitute a substrate for the development of AF; (iii) APD90 and APD50 of atrial myocytes were prolonged in diabetic rabbits.