APDDAssociation of Pizza Delivery Drivers
APDDAtypical Pervasive Developmental Disorder
APDDAutorisations Pluriinstitutionnelles de Disposer (French: Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities; Library and Archives Canada)
APDDAmbulante Pflegerische Dienste der Diakonie (German: Outpatient Nursing Services of the Diakonia)
APDDApplique Performance Description Document
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Dispersion of APD (APDD, an indicator of relative APD distribution across the surface of the heart) was calculated from the inner 95th percentile (IP95) of all APDs in the mapping field of view (the shortest 2.5% and longest 2.5% of APDs were removed, and IP95 was the range of the remaining APDs) and was normalized to the area of the mapping field of view.
Baseline AP properties at a PCL of 150 ms, including APD, APDD, and TRise, were not altered by SHS exposure at any time point (Table 1).
Moreover, phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate (PDBu), a potent activator of PKC/pKd, and a-phorbol didecanoate (aPDD), which is an inactive derivate of PDBu, supported the role of these kinases in the regulation ofP2Y activity by PG[E.sub.2].