APDEApplication Package Development Environment
APDEApplication Protocol Development Environment
APDEApplied Partial Differential Equations
APDEAcquired Platelet Dysfunction with Eosinophilia
APDEAsociación para el Desarollo Educativo (Association for Educative Development, Guatemala)
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These variables were used to calculate aPDE, cPDE (Fig.
A difference between the aPDE and cPDE, the acPED, is dependent on the interaction between a transcapillary fluid filtration-absorption ratio (FAR) which affects hemodilution in capillaries, and net fluid elimination which affects the hemodilution in arteries.
According to the mVLT, a decision to make an additional fluid bolus is based on a difference between invasively (arterial) and nonivasively (capillary) measured plasma dilution efficacies, aPDE and cPDE, respectively.