APDIAssociation of Private Detectives of India
APDIAssociation of Professional Dancers in Ireland
APDIApplication Programming and Development, Inc. (est. 1990; Waldorf, MD)
APDIAnisotropic Point-Dipole Interaction
APDIAsian and Pacific Development Institute (UN; now Asian and Pacific Development Centre)
APDIAverage Post Detection Integration
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Apdi Asho, 22, was reported missing from Kofinou in December 2018 and Mona Jabiri, 17 was reported missing in Larnaca on January 25, 2019.
Measurement Description in mathematics 1 ANB [angle]L5L2L6 2 SNB [angle]L1L2L6 3 SNA [angle]L1L2L5 4 ODI [angle][bar.L5L6L8L10] + [angle][bar.L17L18L4L3] 5 APDI [angle][bar.L3L4L2L7] + [angle][bar.L2L7L5L6] + [angle][bar.L3L4L17L18] 6 FHI [absolute value of [bar.L1L10]]/[absolute value of [bar.L2L8]] 7 FHA [angle][bar.L1L2L10L9] 8 MW [mathematical expression not reproducible] No.
The APDI was determined in parallel in two 96-wells flat-bottomed microtitre plates with the CLSI M27-A3 methodology (CLSI, 2008).
The original, Apdi pode , was choreographed by Prabhu Deva's brother Raju Sundaram.
I am sure that this initiative will be boost the morale of all ranks in the security industry,especially those serving the cause of security in Karnataka.I wish the organizers great success," said Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Secretary General, CAPSI& APDI.
The instrument, an Adolescent Self-Concept Scale (ASCS) was adapted from Akinboye's (1977) adolescent personal data inventory (APDI) self-concept scale.
In Akinboye (1977), APDI a nine-point scale ranging from least 'like me' to 'most like me' was used to rate each item, while the present instrument used a 5 -point likert scale ranging from 'completely true of me' to 'completely untrue of me'.
Originally conceived as a collective of dancers who met for daily class, the APDI has evolved into the country's primary resource organization for dance.