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APDLAlgorithmic Processor Description Language
APDLAdministração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões (Portugal: Authority of the Ports of the Douro River and Leixões)
APDLANSYS Parametric Design Language (ANSYS, Inc.)
APDLAdvanced Placement Digital Library (Rice University; Texas)
APDLAlgorithmic Processor Description Language (programming language)
APDLArchimedes Public Domain Library
APDLAlnwick Premier Darts League (UK)
APDLAutomatic Porn DownLoader (program)
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Given the iterative nature of the calculations described above, the scriptable "ANSYS r16 Mechanical APDL" part of the software had to be used, thus developing an automated numerical calculation tool to be used by the device operator mentioned in the introductory part of this paper.
The time series of the extracted wind pressures are applied to the offshore structures and the wind-induced dynamic responses are calculated by time-domain analysis method together with APDL solving the structural dynamic equation as follows:
The software also was used to generate tetrahedral meshes of the combined implant-femur model, taking into account bone density as being linearly related to the Hounsfield unit from the original CT scan--these computational models are suitable for analysis in finite element software such as ANSYS Mechanical APDL.
When ANSYS used to develop package applied was the APDL language, specifically designed by ANSYS developers for software extensions.
Howard and Cazzolato provide examples of how to solve acoustic problems using MATLAB, ANSYS Workbench, and ANSYS Mechanical APDL software.
The computer program was written using the Ansys Parametric Design Language APDL to find the optimal stem shape.
By utilizing ANASYS-APDL (ANSYS Parameter Design Language APDL) [26, 27], the dynamic evolution equations of elastic modulus, Poisson ratio, uniaxial compressive strength, and permeability of granite with temperature are built and run.
APDL (AspireRFID process description language) [26] generated EPCIS events based on the newly defined XML schema.
While meshing the 3D models for finite element computation using the ANSYS 14 Mechanical APDL software, the element type is chosen to be SOLID187, owing to the suitability of this 3D, 10-node, tetrahedral structural solid element for modeling irregular meshes (such as those produced from various CAD/CAM systems) and for possessing quadratic displacement behavior.
The finite element model with APDL language is generated after finishing ladle's parameters of geometry model and material model [6].
La geometria se modela utilizando APDL de ANSYS para generar los puntos y uniones de nanotubos de tipo armchair y zigzag de cualquier longitud.