APDSAuthentication Protocol Domain Support Specification
APDSAvaya Professional Design Specialist (certification)
APDSArmor-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDSAutonomous Pathogen Detection System
APDSSan Marino Popular Alliance of Democrats
APDSAll Phones Data Suite (software)
APDSAndrogynous Peripheral Docking System
APDSAutomated Procurement Documentation System
APDSAuxiliary Power Distribution System
APDSAfricentric Personal Development Shop, Inc. (Columbus OH)
APDSAsia-Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition (also seen as APDSE)
APDSAutomated Personnel Data System
APDSAuthentication Protocol Domain Support
APDSAdvanced Professional Development Series (FEMA)
APDSAsia-Pacific Development Society
APDSAirman Professional Development Seminar
APDSAlternating Pixel-Decimation Search (algorithm)
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North America is expected to dominate the APDS market over the forecast period owing to the large pool of patients suffering from type 1 diabetes within the region.
Converting motors from DC to AC is a painless process," explained Alan Jones from APDS.
APDS measured the power consumption of the pumps over 24 hours and analysis showed that using a variable speed drive to achieve a speed reduction of only 6% would reduce energy consumption, and therefore, operational costs by some 17%.
NGS's "Dual Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detectors (D-BAND)" program combines APDS technology with PCR for rapid, multiplexed microfluidic analysis.
According to Azure, the parallel hybrid drive and APDS systems will be delivered in mid-2005.
The lack of communication was attributed to the absence of a link between the HE Humvee's power train and APDS.
An overview of the modeling techniques used in HP APDS is presented followed by several examples where physical modeling can be used to assist with the understanding of device operation and, in particular, how device geometry influences device electrical characteristics.
To reduce cost (the most expensive component is personnel), we have developed and field-tested the APDS (Autonomous Pathogen Detection System), which automatically collects and processes aerosol samples.
Two-axis with drive azimuth and electrohydraulic electrohydraulic Weapon stabilizer drive elevation Autotracking No Yes Improvement of protection level of frontal projections against APDS Heat shells 1/1 1.
As a result, the active device's description is entered into the HP APDS suite using the program's user-friendly interface and the simulation is performed.
ABB Drives Alliance member, APDS of Bristol, recommended 7.
The APDS, a 2004 R&D 100 Award winner, was created to serve as a next-generation platform for continuous monitoring of airborne bacteria, viruses, and proteins (toxins).