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APDSAuthentication Protocol Domain Support Specification
APDSAvaya Professional Design Specialist (certification)
APDSArmor-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDSAutonomous Pathogen Detection System
APDSSan Marino Popular Alliance of Democrats
APDSAll Phones Data Suite (software)
APDSAndrogynous Peripheral Docking System
APDSAutomated Procurement Documentation System
APDSAuxiliary Power Distribution System
APDSAfricentric Personal Development Shop, Inc. (Columbus OH)
APDSAsia-Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition (also seen as APDSE)
APDSAutomated Personnel Data System
APDSAuthentication Protocol Domain Support
APDSAdvanced Professional Development Series (FEMA)
APDSAsia-Pacific Development Society
APDSAlternating Pixel-Decimation Search (algorithm)
APDSAirman Professional Development Seminar
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Faster, supersensitive APDs are in demand worldwide for use in highspeed data communications and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems for autonomous vehicles.
"DepEd personnel whose loans are not deducted under the APDS are advised to pay their loans directly to their respective lenders," Briones added.
The APDs of the PB1, PA, NP, and NA genes were computed, although APD for these genes has not been used yet for HPAI nomenclature.
The APDS implements the order of preference on a 'first in, first serve system' where older obligations take priority.
Until late June, the lending program to public school teachers under the APDS was suspended as the DepEd worked on the new guidelines.
Pulsed laser with 75W peak power is used and scattered light is received by APD. The optical signal received by the APD is output as an analog signal and is processed through the error correction technique in the manufactured measurement test board.
Four different photodetectors were used in the study: two PIN diodes and two avalanche photo diodes (APD).
The receiver section consists of optical amplifier, APD photodiode, BPF to extract the transmitted RF, and De-modulator for extracting input data.
We measure firm WCM by using diverse range of proxies i-e Inventory Days (IDS), account receivable days (ARDS), account payable days (APDS), cash conversion cycle (CCC), working capital (WC), and Current Ratio (CR) (Afrifa, Tauringana, and Tingbani, 2014; Aregbeyen, 2013).
(28.) Borges APDS, Guidoni CM, Ferreira LD, De-Freitas O, Pereira LRL (2010) The pharmaceutical care of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
The subsequent mean+-SD APDs were 37.37+-7.45 mm (pre-operatively), 28.86+-6.81 mm (after 3 months) and 14.65+-4.55 mm (after 6 months).
2007 APDS Spring meeting: from the flight deck to the operating room: an initial pilot study of the feasibility and potential impact of true interdisciplinary team training using high-fidelity simulation.