APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
APDUApplication Protocol Data Units (OSI)
APDUAssociation of Public Data Users
APDUApplication Programming Data Unit (software)
APDUAdvance Planning Document Update
APDUArmour Piercing Depleted Uranium (weapon)
APDUAnalytical Process Development Unit
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Thus, we characterize APDU size and IAT, instead of working with packets.
It has been previously noted that Weibull distribution shows the best fit for both APDU size and IAT of the general WoW traffic [10, 15].
[29] 3GPP TS 31.115, "Remote APDU Structure for (U)SIM Toolkit applications," Apr.2011.
[30] 3GPP TS 31.116, "Remote APDU Structure for (Universal) Subscriber Identity Module (U)SIM Toolkit applications," Apr.2011.
SCA (Strong Communication attacks): This attack is obtained by intercepting the I/O messages (APDU commands) directed toward the smart card.
The functionality of file transfer from FS-Applet to IH-Applet has been realized by exploiting the APDU protocol (Application Protocol Data Unit) (Deville et al., 2003), a standard protocol for the communication between smart card and reader.
The BACnet decoders are currently defined as BVLC (BACnet Virtual Link Control or BACnet/IP specific decoding), BACnet (BACnet NPDU or network layer decoding), and BACapp (BACnet APDU or application layer decoding).
Capture Filters udp port 47808 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 udp port 47808 or udp port 47809 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 or 47809 Display Filters bvlc || bacnet || bacapp BACnet packets bacnet BACnet NPDU packets bacnet.mesgtyp BACnet Network Layer (router) packets bvlc BACnet/IP packets bvlc.function == 0x0b BACnet/IP Broadcast packets bacapp BACnet APDU packets bacapp.confirmed_service == 12 BACnet ReadProperty packets bacapp.confirmed_service == 15 BACnet WriteProperty packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 0 BACnet I-Am packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 8 BACnet WhoIs packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 2 BACnet UnconfirmedCOVNotification packets
Figure 2 shows the terminology we use to describe what happens to the request APDU "GET /research.html" as it passes through the various layers on its way from the Web client to the Web server.
In the previous paragraph we describe a single APDU becoming a single TSDU, being encapsulated in a single TPDU, which in turn becomes a single NSDU encapsulated in a single NPDU.