APECAAgence de Promotion Économique du Canada Atlantique
APECAAssociation des Professionnels Européens de la Carte d'Achat
APECAAssociation Promoting Education and Conservation in Amazonia
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Rainer Rettig, Head of Sales for Europe and other regions, said that ApecA sales continue to grow unabated well above the rate for the entire plastics market, which is roughly five percent per year.
Bayer MaterialScience produces ApecA at its site in Antwerp, Belgium.
The use of ApecA also results in clearer photos with truer colors.
According to Aguilar, ApecA fully meets the requirements of the manufacturers.
ApecA is the brand name for a special copolycarbonate that is a further development of polycarbonate, the high-performance plastic invented by Bayer in 1953.
ApecA FR 1892 includes a flame retardant (FR stands for flame retardant) and is characterized by very good heat resistance.
ApecA is highly shatter resistant and thermally stable, which is also an important prerequisite for use in protective helmets, explains Matthias Rothe, who is responsible at Bayer MaterialScience for market development for polycarbonate consumer goods.
Premium helmets, such as the KZPT Calisia Vulcan, are even equipped with two visors made of ApecA FR 1892 and thus provide even greater protection.
ApecA, which is particularly heat resistant, is used in automotive lighting, lighting technology, the electrical and electronics industry and in household appliances.
Bayer MaterialScience produces ApecA at it site in Antwerp, Belgium.