APECSAssociation of Polar Early Career Scientists (Iceland)
APECSAuger Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy
APECSAll Purpose Environmental Clothing System
APECSAdvanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator
APECSAutomated Protocol for Evaluation of Electromagnetic Component Separation
APECSAdvanced Performance Escape Cushioning System
APECSAdvance Portable Exciter Control Station
APECSAircraft-Powerplant Engineering Consultant Services, Inc (Miami, FL)
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The design of the APECS 3000 was initially driven by requests from our customers in the construction industry who wanted multispeed control, the ability to vary the ramp rate between those speeds and to be able to vary the warm-up period, as well as the idle rates," said Dan Kapellen, director of marketing for SSPI.
The APECS Wizard software is used to get the system up and running, going through such basic questions as the number of flywheel teeth for the magnetic speed pickup, the number of engine cylinders and the desired speed settings.
If they are needed, the interface module and a computer equipped with the APECS software can be connected for monitoring diagnosis and adjustment.
The APECS 3000 controller is available in three versions, explained William Borthwick, product support manager, Governors at SSPI.
Like the APECS 1000 and 2000 governors, the APECS 3000 controller drives Synchro-Start's complete line of proportional solenoid actuators.
Otherwise, a simple bracket and linkage arrangement can be used to mount a standard solenoid to existing fuel systems, or the APECS 3000 controller can drive a customer's existing proportional actuator.
CheckFree APECS automates the management and reporting of unclaimed property to the U.