APEEAssociation of Private Enterprise Education (Chattanooga, TN)
APEEAssociation for Paediatric Education in Europe (Association pour l'Enseignement de la Pédiatrie en Europe)
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In fact, as I look at the other Adam Smith Award winners such as Elinor Ostrom, Arnold Harberger, Harold Demsetz, Armen Alchian, Douglass North, Vernon Smith, and James Buchanan, among so many others, I expect future generations of APEE attendees will point at my name and play the old "which of these things doesn't belong with the others" game.
Kerbel, Matthew; Apee, Sumaiya; and Ross, Marc Howard (2000): "PBS Ain't So Different: Public Broadcasting, Election Frames, and Democratic Empowerment".
The APEE session was on the moral implications of the Keynesian Revolution.
The receptor that binds to ApeE molecules also binds to Reelin, and is part of the red-light/green-light complex that controls the sensitivity of the NMDA receptors.
'The only hard drive you have when you're out is the taxi journey home, when you're bursting for apee and going over 3000 speed bumps'
Sin embargo, a pesar del ansia expresada por Luisa, sus primeros pasos al llegar a Napoles resultan cuanto menos imprevisibles: Yo me apee de la carroza junto a la calle de la Encoronada, porque los caballos estaban cansados [...], de suerte que yo fui a casa, y el capitan no estaba de aposento donde cuando yo me fui a la compania, lo cual yo ya sabia [...].
Information and registration: APEE 3, Ru e Berthollet, 75005 Paris, France.
The National Federation of Independent Businesses is supporting the competition sponsored by the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) for papers expanding understanding of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on its implications for public policy.
* We thank the APEE conference panel participants, and especially the session organizer, for helpful comments and suggestions.
The Bulgarian Association of Producers of Ecological Energy (APEE) defined DKEVR's decision as discriminatory, stressing that the fee would only apply for renewable energy plants.