APEGAssociation of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
APEGAustralasian Paediatric Endocrine Group (Australia)
APEGAirborne Particles Expert Group (aerosol science)
APEGAssociação Portuguesa de Estudos Germanísticos (Portugese Association of German Studies)
APEGAssociate Parliamentary Engineering Group (London, England, UK)
APEGAdvanced Planning Educational Group (Sterling Heights, MI)
APEGAlkaline Poly-Ethylene Glycolate
APEGAsia-Pacific Energy Group (consulting firm; various locations)
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APEG (0.006 mol) was added in a three-necked flask, using moderate amount of water to dissolve in a heated water bath.
In laboratory studies, the best parameters of copolymer SJ-1 were obtained: monomer concentration was 15wt%; molar ratio of n(AM): n(AMPS): n(APEG) was 14:5:1; the reaction temperature was 60[degrees]C; the concentration of monomer initiator was 0.2 wt%.
In Australia, BelAZ recently appointed APEG as its distribution and support partner.
"We see this as a big development for the Australian resources sector," said APEG Director Shane Halliwell.
Structures of PA, APEG, APEL, and POLY (MA--APEL--PA) were also explored by a Bruker NMR analyzer (AVANCE AV-500, Bruker, Switzerland) operating at 500 MHz.
The FTIR spectra of APEG, APEL, and POLY(MA-APEL-PA) are exhibited in Fig.
We developed a simple source apportionment method for [PM.sub.10] using the latest data available from APEG (1999).
As representatives of more than one hundred non-government organisations and trade unions, advocating the interests of millions throughout the region covered by APEG, we fully support cooperation among its countries and their peoples.