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APELAssociação Portuguesa de Editores e Livreiros (Portuguese association)
APELA Portable EMACS Library
APELAsociación de Proveedores de E-Learning
APELAuthorized Protective Eyewear List (US DoD)
APELAccredited Prior Experiential Learning
APELAssociation pour la Promotion de l'Emploi et du Logement (French)
APELAeronautical Photographic Experimental Laboratory
APELAdvanced Product Evaluation Laboratory
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El primero no pertenece al giro linguistico, pero, si hoy queremos tener alguna luz sobre como se entiende el termino pragmatismo teniendo en mente a autores como Quine, Brandom, McDowell, Apel o Rorty, hemos que pensar, como mencione, en un puente entre ambas tradiciones o, mejor dicho, en una asimilacion del pragmatismo norteamericano por el giro linguistico (14).
Apel and his lawyer, Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Irvine law school and a constitutional lawyer, had expected that the case could help define First Amendment law on the right to peaceful protests, but they found themselves instead answering questions about property rights and national security.
Johan Apel has served as ChyronHego president and COO since May 2013.
APEL, a subsidiary of NYSE-listed APGL, used the proceeds of the US dollar notes mainly to subscribe to rupee-denominated debt (a combination of non-convertible debentures and external commercial borrowings) issued by the entities in the restricted group.
Children as young as five years of age, for example, can learn to apply morphological generalisations to their spelling if they are explicitly taught to do so (Apel, Brimo, Diehm, & Apel, 2013; Zoski & Erickson, 2017).
As former President/CEO Johan Apel steps aside to focus on the company's sports solutions as executive chairman of the board, Marco Lopez has joined the Melville, Long Island (New York)-based company as CEO.