APEMAssemblée Parlementaire Euro-Méditerranéenne (French: Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, Europe)
APEMAssociation of Professional Energy Managers
APEMAssociation pour la Protection de l'Enfance Malheureuse (French: Association for the Protection of Unfortunate Children; Benin)
APEMAssociation pour la Promotion de l'Entreprise à Madagascar
APEMAll Pick Easy Mode (gaming, Warcraft)
APEMAdherent Peritoneal Exudate Macrophages
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An APEM aircraft conducting one of its aquatic surveys - the firm will use Hawarden as a base
Mustahpa Abdulai, programme manager with APEM, explained how the system involved identifying a village and two inhabitants who will be trained up as leaders.
APEM has given out small loans to women's groups so they can start small businesses and gain some independence and, within a short period of time, the means to support themselves.
APEM awarded ecological survey contract for Welsh offshore wind farm
APEM (Vista, CA) has announced the new FP30 series pushbutton.
It will also involve the British Trust for Ornithology, the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Forest Research and NHS Wales and the specialist freshwater consultancy, APEM.
APEM Components introduced the P65 series of rotary switches, a high temperature version of the company's PT65 dual in-line package (DIP) coded rotary switch.
A computer aided toleracncing: algorithm for 3D manufacturing tolerancing, APEM journal, Production Engineering Institute (PEI), University of Maribor, ISSN 1854-6250, Maribor
A year-long study, conducted by aquatic scientists APEM and published in July, found that the blue-green algae was blooming in the lake not just in summer months, as previously thought, but in winter too.
Miniature and industrial switch manufacturer APEM Component Inc.
APEM trains village communities in all aspects of becoming selfsufficient - including how to grow crops and trade the extra.