APEOAssociation of Professional Engineers of Ontario
APEOAsia Pacific Education Office
APEOAction pour Enfants Oublies (French: Action for Forgotten Children; Democratic Republic of Congo)
APEOAssistant Program Executive Officer
APEOAcademic Preparation and Equal Opportunity (University of California, Santa Barbara)
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The Canadians that is, the APEO and National Policy 2A, currently allow estimators to state whether the ore reserves are "in-situ" or "extractable" with dilution factors shown.
Also new are two waterproofing solutions under the Densodrin brand name, which are formulated with zero add-on of AOX, APEO, SCCP, PFOA and PFOS.
En tanto que el presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, cancelaba el pasado viernes 4 de octubre su viaje a la cumbre de APEO en Indonesia, como consecuencia del cierre parcial del gobierno federal que el lunes 7 cumpliria una semana de iniciado, el dia anterior una mujer con un nino de un ano en su automovil, intentaba atravesar la barrera de seguridad de la Casa Blanca, lo que dio lugar a una respuesta de la policia, una persecucion y un tiroteo en el que fue ultimada.
At the present time, the main focus is placed on APEO, NPE (alkylphenols and their ethoxylates) and FC chemicals.
Research yields results To address these issues, Khaled says it exerted extensive efforts and research to select a special modified acrylic APEO (alkylphenolethoxylate)-free polymer, which gives optimum results in restoring damaged concrete and the best performance in terms of water vapour permeability and overall adhesion and in providing a barrier effect against chloride and carbon dioxide ingress.
It is good for use in both typical and specialty coating formulations, is APEO free, provides excellent gloss development and adhesion across multiple wet and dry substrates, and exhibits good grain crack resistance.
The rheology modifier is low-VOC, and is manufactured without the use of solvent or APEO surfactants.
Additionally, both are free of added APEO surfactants, and with minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) values approximately 0[degrees]C, may be formulated to <50 g/L VOC without the use of "low-VOC" plasticizing coalescents.