APEO-LAssistant Program Executive Officer for Logistics
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"We're changing the way the Navy prepares Sailors to use C4I assets by evolving from a focus on single systems to a focus on the intricate, interconnected, overarching warfighting system," said Sean Zion, assistant program executive officer for logistics (APEO-L), at PEO C4I.
Gary Ford, deputy APEO-L at PEO C4I, explained that unlike commercial groups that can build and install complete local area networks, in the Navy, individual programs are functions or parts of a system that are created on their own before becoming a critical component of the warfighting capability when fielded.
Stephanie Tharp, a product support manager who is working with APEO-L to change training on tactical networks to the new capability model, said one of the big questions is how long this new approach will take to develop.