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APEPAdvanced Power and Energy Program (University of California, Irvine)
APEPAgricultural Productivity Enhancement Program
APEPAfghanistan Primary Education Program
APEPAssociation des Parents d'Enfants Prématurés
APEPAssociation des Professeurs de l'École Polytechnique
APEPAsociación de Promoción de la Educación Popular
APEPAccelerated Pseudorabies Eradication Program
APEPAgricultural Pumping Efficiency Program
APEPArthritis Prevention and Education Program
APEPAdvanced Public Executive Program
APEPAbortion Provider Expansion Project
APEPAssociação dos Procuradores do Estado do Paraná
APEPAIDS Prevention Education Programme
APEPAfrica Peace Education Program
APEPAtlantic and Pacific Exchange Program
APEPAsociación de Prensa Extranjera del Perú
APEPAvian Population Estimates Panel
APEPAbsent Parent Employment Program
APEPArmour Piercing Enhancement Programme
APEPAsian Pacific Employment Program
APEPAdministrative and Professional Exchange Program
APEPAssociation Philatélique des Environs de Paris
APEPAgence pour la Promotion des Entreprises Privées
APEPAlternative Placement Education Program
APEPAmis et Parents d'Enfants Polyhandicapés
APEPAIDS Project of El Paso (Texas, USA)
APEPAgriculture Political Education Program
APEPAssociation de Parents d’Elèves du Primaire
APEPAssociation des Parents, des Elèves et des Professeurs
APEPAssociation of Professional Engineering Personnel
APEPAssociação dos Produtores Ecológicos de Palmeira
APEPAssistant Principals' Executive Program
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No meio de toda essa discussao ha um silencio ou esquecimento conveniente e talvez constrangido a respeito das "difficuldades enormissimas com que lutam os empregados sujeitos a um parco e limitado vencimento" (APEP, Idem).
APEP also will work closely with the Institute for Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
While narrative is present, with "the scorpion, the snake-demon Apep" and "Pharaoh's delicious Furies," the poem incorporates surreal qualifies comparable to those of the Bosch poems; this surrealism is representative of many (but not all) of the later poems such as "Caricatures on the Midway" and the final poem, "Beauty and Ruin in the Time of Pestilence." In this final section, such hybridized surreal-narrative poems are less separate from and more intermingled with the remaining Bosch poems than those in the book's earlier narrative sections bringing together Silverman's concern with form and content, with geography in all its color, with memory, and, always, language.
In late January 2005, the Arecibo radio telescope (the world's largest, in Puerto Rico) was able to ping the asteroid, now named Apophis (the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep, "the Destroyer"), with radar.
This commodity, however, has been the subject of an agricultural development program managed by the Uganda Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program (APEP) (sponsored by USAID).
According to the Asociacion Peruana de Estudios e Investigaciones Para La Paz (APEP), the "war on drugs," which penalizes states that do not adhere to the policy objectives of the United States through its certification program--which dictates economic sanctions for "non-compliant" states--has fueled what they call a "guerra total" [total war] for the purpose of fulfilling "the promise of a vigorous national recuperation" (126), as they call it, of the Reagan administration's rise to power.
Abbreviations for archives in the notes include: Arquivo Nacional, Rio de Janeiro (ANR); Biblioteca Nacional de Musica, Rio de Janeiro, (BNMR); Biblioteca Nacional Obras Raras (BNOR); Arquivo Geral da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, (AGCRJ); Arquivo Historico do Exercito, Rio de Janeiro (AHER); Arquivo Publico do Estado de Pernambuco, Recife (APEP); Arquivo Publico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (APERJ).