APERCAndhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (India)
APERCAsia Pacific Energy Research Center
APERCAlkylphenols & Ethoxylates Research Council
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Defending its move, the government said that the APERC wrote a letter to it asked its opinion on the revision of the terms of the agreement.
Aperc is part of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec), a forum of 21 governments in the regions, including the Philippines.
[19] APERC, A Quest for Energy Security in the 21st Century: Resources and Constraints, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, 2007.
Entre 1980 y 2002, la emision de C[O.sub.2] se multiplico casi dos veces y media, creciendo a una tasa cercana al 4% anual y pasando de 1.324 a 3.128 millones de toneladas (APERC, 2004a, 2006), mientras que en terminos per capita lo hizo de 1,3 a 2,4 toneladas por habitante.
The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) issued G.O.MS No.
A study issued this year by the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, or APERC, recommends distributed generation as a more efficient way to deliver electricity to remote villages.
This year, it was co-hosted by the Asia-Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC) with over 50 countries and regions participated, bringing together ministers, senior officials and relevant company executives from LNG producing-consuming countries.
physical availability of energy resources, accessibility to energy resources; affordability (economic element) and acceptability (environmental and societal element) [see IEA (2007c); APERC (2007); CIEP (2004)].
To this group Uno (2002) counts the models (in alphabetical order) Adam Rose - Brand Steven (Rose and Steven 1998), AIM (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan no date), APEC Energy Outlook (APERC 1996), ASF (IPCC 2000), DECOMPOSITION (Unander and Schipper 1998), DEMETER (van der Zwaan et al.