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APEREAssociation de Promotion des Energies Renouvelables (French: Society for Promoting Renewable Energy; Belgium)
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He notes that Leland's "hope was as myne is, and as is the truthe of the matter, that these thinges ones done, Englande wyche hath of the Italianes, and French men be reckened a barbarouse nacyon, theyr Monumentes afore tyme not knowne, wyll apere from thens fourthe, equall with the prowdest of them, in prowesse, wysedome, eloquence, polycyes, and in all kyndes of learnynge." (58) This sentiment also finds expression in King Johan, Bale's staging of English history.
Apere's Identity Managed Access Gateway (IMAG) is the first to integrate these capabilities in an appliance form specifically targeting the underserved mid-market.
"Apere is addressing this challenge by integrating essential identity management, and access control functionality, as well as application and network user provisioning in a single solution.
"Aptus" is particularly suggestive since it is clearly spatial in its connotations: the verb at its root, apere, means to fit two things together, and it g enerates "apex," which defines the point where the two sides of a roof meet.
Also, sworn in as Special Advisers are, Sinkumo Ekisah, Okobokakpo Ombu, Orufa Boloubo, Embeleakpor Apere, Prince Isiki, Richard Ibegu,
(1) Laboratory of Physical Activity, Performance and Health (EA 4445), University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour, Tarbes, France; (2) Biomechanics Research Unit, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland; (3) Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory (EA-3300: APERE), Faculty of Picardie; (4) Movement, Sport and Health laboratory (EA 1274), Faculty of sport science (Rennes); (5) CA Brive Correze Limousin Rugby Club.
Minoritatea nationala ar constitui "o colectivitate distincta de celelalte prin rasa, limba, religie si cu o anumita constiinta identitara, exprimata prin forma de organizare si sentimentul unitatii morale, gata oricand sa-si apere dreptul la autonomie" (10).
therfore according to my promise I shall breuely reherse the seid story as here after in this proces doth apere. (sig.