APESMAAssociation of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia
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APESMA is a not for profit, member based organisation that represents professionals from a range of disciplines including engineers, scientists, IT professionals, senior managers and executives.
The proposed authorisation is for five years and will allow APESMA to collectively negotiate the terms of engagement for translators and interpreters and to provide information and advice about rates of pay and other contract terms.
Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA) (2010), Submission to the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce, accessed at: <http://www.anet.org.au/pdfs/nrset_submission_apr2010.pdf>.
Nevertheless, Australia's strong economic growth has resulted in a substantial increase in demand for skilled workers including persons with SET skills which has led to labour supply shortages in many associated occupations (APESMA, 2007).
Not only are Australia's SET researchers making a social, cultural and economic contribution to other countries, by process of knowledge transfer and extended business and research collaborations, Australia benefits from their experiences gained overseas (APESMA, 2007).
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John Vines, General Secretary of APESMA, said: "The expertise resident in the UK is much sought after by Australian companies and government bodies.
ETM was founded by APESMA and has operated successfully as a job placement company in Australia for a number of years.
The union representing white collar workers in the industry, the Australian Collieries Staff Association (ASCA), was also forced to merge with a larger union, the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA) in 2001, and have now closed their Newcastle office, reduced staff associated with servicing the coal industry and now operate out of APESMA's Sydney office.
Bolger, an official with APESMA, complained that the spate of acquisitions 'has meant that we've had to devote more resources into the 'transmission of business' issue, than you would in other industries'.
The carrier continues to negotiate with the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists, and Managers Australia (APESMA), says Qantas.