APEYAssociation of Professional Engineers of Yukon (Canada)
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Murray's agent Patricio Apey said: "Andy is a great tennis player with a fierce will to win and a personality that this country has rarely seen.
The apey event came on Christmas Eve - completely out of the blue.
De esta manera, culmina un ciclo de mas de 170 anos de presencia de los lideres de la entidad en los espacios de diseno de proyecto y toma de decisiones nacionales, proceso estudiado ya por autores como Apey (1988) y Saldivia y De la Jara (2001).
Although Murray is not believed to have a new partner lined up at present, his agent Patricio Apey said: "It is in the Murray genes to always strive for the best.
The following morning, however, Korolev was woken and told he was the one in the last eight after all, with his management spokesman Patricio Apey having previously commented: "The ATP says they're changing the rules to help the fans and if that's the case, they should pay for some clowns to come and put on a circus."
These deals have all been negotiated through Andy's manager, Patricio Apey, and help to secure the young Scot's financial future.
Murray's manager, Patricio Apey, has already signed him up to lucrative deals with Highland Spring, which alone are worth more than pounds 1million a year, Head rackets, Royal Bank of Scotland and clothing firm Fred Perry.
But his agent Patricio Apey said: "Andy was not ready to play a match today but the beauty of the tournament is that we can take it day by day.
Formerly coach to Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick, Gilbert met Murray's agent, Patricio Apey, as well as LTA boss Roger Draper who is keen to appoint a replacement for departed performance programme boss David Felgate.
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