APFRArticulating Portable Foot Restraint
APFRApical Portion of the Forming Root (biochemistry)
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Special emphasis will go to the growing and preponderant role of labor unions and human rights NGOs, who used constitutional actions, especially the APFR and the AP (see section 4), to influence the processes of FTA negotiation, approval, and/ or implementation.
Most of the Colombian opposition to the agreement was coordinated by the Colombian Network Against the FTA (RECALCA, from its Spanish initials) (15) and focused on exerting pressure on the Colombian courts to declare the agreement unconstitutional--both through APFR, PA, and directly at Constitutional Court hearings--, because it affected the right to life and to a healthy environment (Lizarazo et al.
Phosphorus uptake, P removal in cotton seed, and lint yield (kg/ha) in field grown cotton without (-P) and with (+P) P fertiliser application APFR, Apparent P fertiliser recovery by cotton (%) P uptake at early P uptake at cut-out flowering Site -P +P APFR -P +P APFR (field) Milo (13) 0.