APFTArmy Physical Fitness Test
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The standards are: 290 or better in the APFT five-mile nm in 38 minutes or less; strong swimmer in CWST, and the 12-mile road march in less than 3 hours.
While performance on the APFT is predominately determined by a Soldier's physical fitness level, technique on each event is also likely to contribute to an individual's score.
The 5-year program, starting in January is aimed at training 400 students from APFT as EASA-qualified aircraft mechanics.
Conducted in two parts at the Chieti-Pescara University in Pescara, Italy, the study followed 201 subjects ages 32-36 years old, who were each tested using either APFT standards or tracked while completing an average 100-minute triathlon.
These days, officer and NCO evaluation reports contain long lists of achievements (winning boards, maxing APFTs), but no mention of failures to meet weight or APFT standards or the administration of "Articles 15.
As with Regular Army and USAR APFT waivers, ARNG APFT waivers are processed by the Army G-3.
Pregnant women and those not completing all 3 APFT events (2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of sit ups, and a 2-mile run) were excluded from the study.
Must be able to pass an APFT - permanent profiles are considered on a case-by-case basis
As an Infantry unit, you will likely not accept a 300 score on the APFT as validation that Soldiers are fit for operations across the full spectrum.
The approval authority for moral waivers is Human Resources Command, for age and AFS waivers is DA G1, for APFT waivers is DA G3, and for branch specific prerequisite waivers is the applicable proponent.
One of the authors of this article, Major Field, does not have to train on a regular basis to achieve the maximum standard (two miles in 15 minutes, 54 seconds for women in her age group) on the running event of the APFT.
Leaders need to be proactive and plan ahead to ensure their NCOs are prepared to go to school and complete course requirements, such as meeting the Army body composition standards IAW AR 600-9 and passing the APFT.