APFUAtoms Per Formula Unit
APFUArmy Physical Fitness Uniform (US Army)
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And Phil Hoyle, of the APFU, says the curious lack of blood or footprints at the scene - despite the surgical removal of large amounts of tissue - means extraterrestrials can't be ruled out as the cause of the attacks.
The APFU says it is a "covert surveillance" outfit that will install stop motion cameras and other recording equipment on request from farmers.
21 in their villages could go to the DAR provincial office to get their LAC and sign the APFU, which is proof they are willing to pay and till the lots.
But De los Reyes said the refusal of any farmer-beneficiary to sign the APFU "is a ground to be stricken out of the list of beneficiaries and be replaced by other qualified beneficiaries.
That was because the APFU is a commitment to pay the land, make it productive and bind the beneficiaries to comply with agrarian reform laws, he said.
Parungao said the signing of the APFU was a requirement imposed by law and other guidelines for agrarian reform.
He said in Barangay Cutcut, 114 of 143 ULWU members signed the APFU and 20 of 21 Ambala members signed the same document.
Beneficiaries who failed to sign the APFU on Thursday, he said, could go to the DAR Tarlac office to claim their lot certificates and subscribe to their APFU.
He noted that a good number of the beneficiaries are either working abroad or living outside Tarlac, and have thus been unable to claim their LACs or sign and file their APFUs.
Their CLOAs will be generated and registered as soon as they have signed their APFUs," Parungao said.