APGAAmerican Public Gardens Association (Wilmington, Delaware)
APGAAmerican Public Gas Association
APGAAll Progressives Grand Alliance (Nigeria)
APGAAssociation of Princeton Graduate Alumni (Princeton University)
APGAAmerican Personnel and Guidance Association
APGAAnaheim Personnel and Guidance Association (California)
APGAAdaptive Population size Genetic Algorithm
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By 2015, APC, APGA and PDP had become the three main parties in Nigeria.
Moreover, representatives of oil and gas sector agreed to support APGA technically and financially in the largest interest of Pakistan.
because APGA, now ACA, was a nonsectarian organization.
Chukwuemeka Ojukwu the APGA flag bearer polled 155947 votes (Aluko 2008).
associations were involved in founding APGA, NVGA was functionally the
Including more than 100,000 acres and half a million diverse collections, the nearly 500 institutional members of APGA can be a major force in landscape plant conservation.
After the championship, the chairman of APGA and ambassador of Argentina Rodlfo J Martin Saravaia hosted a grand prize distribution ceremony at his residence.
AFAP officials also attempted to infiltrate the APGA by funding its own members to join the rival union with the aim of building their numbers within its ranks to the point at which, in accordance with the APGA's rules, they could achieve the majority needed in a membership vote to dissolve the union.
It has a controlled circulation of 4,000 gas utility executives including those whose companies are APGA members.
The identity of school counseling was strengthened in 1952 with the formation of ASCA, which became a member of the APGA in 1953.
The entry fee is $60 for APGA members and $70 for nonmembers.
With over 70 years of work increasing cooperation and awareness among the gardens, APGA has built a membership of more than 500 public gardens located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and seven other countries.