APGEAssociation of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationists (Littleton, CO)
APGEAssociation of Polish Geomorphologists (Poland)
APGEAunt Polly's Glass Eye (band)
APGEAlianza Popular de Guinea Ecuatorial (Spanish: Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea)
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Under the watchful eyes of the Central Electoral Board, it was the Secretary of State, Charged with the General State Treasury, Milagrosa Obono Angue, who handed over the cheques to the representatives of the PDGE, PSCD, APGE, UCD, the National Congress of Equatorial Guinea (CNGE), the National Democratic Party (PND) and the National Union for Peace, Democracy and Social Actions in Equatorial Guinea.
Thermal Approximately 10% improvement in thermal resistance insulation Surface Test panel of 6061 grade improved surface roughness (Ra) roughness from 2.791 to 1.782 (36%) Ford APGE 285 cycles (01/10/2012).
The different branches of Union Popular (UP) and Alianza Popular de Guinea Ecuatorial (APGE) have sought less successfully to establish relations with conservative parties.