APGSAdvanced Parking Guidance System (vehicle feature)
APGSAlaska Private Guide Service (Fairbanks, AK)
APGSAccount Planning Group Switzerland (est. 2003)
APGSAmsterdamse Politie Gymnastiek Sportvereniging (Dutch)
APGSAnterior Pituitary Gland Signal
APGSAgence Privée de Gardiennage et de Surveillance (French: Private Agency for Guarding and Surveillance)
APGSAirborne Power Generator System
APGSAuxiliary Power Generation Subsystem
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APGS assigned a grade of D (for both quality and yield grade) for all carcasses with defects, and maturity was the last characteristic considered to determine the final quality grade from the provisional grade.
Conversely, field records in the present study were collected by APGS and from herd recording centers (Hanwoo Saupdan) throughout Korea, which are similar to dairy record processing centers in the United States.
Both conventional groups and APGS produce and mobilize knowledge, but they differ substantially in ends and means.
The process of seeking legitimacy often involves conforming to established forms of knowledge production and following well-established strategies for gaining media attention, APGS that seek to develop and promote transformative practices of political engagement can find themselves in a paradoxical position, wherein the prospects for engaging in transformative practice from a strong, credible position depend upon having successfully engaged in a modicum of "mainstreaming" that might resemble public relations exercises.
Because those with institutionally entrenched power "have privileged access to communication and, therefore, disproportionate control over political discourse," (30) APGS cannot ignore hegemonic sites of knowledge production.
34) The relationship between the news media and oppositional groups, be they unions, movement organizations, or APGS, is one of "asymmetrical dependency" in which the latter need the media far more than the media need them.
54) The same might be said, in varying degrees, of APGS elsewhere, whose social democratizing efforts build platforms beyond narrow policy networks for alternative futures --in Britain, South Africa, Germany, Thailand, and so on.
Citing statistics compiled by a company called Strategy Analytics, ARTC said that demand for APGS would reach 15 million units in 2010 and 24 million in 2015.
The APGS provider is expected to assist KCAB and its consultants in reviewing and updating the subsequent bid documents which will include the installation of the APGS.
a mobile app developed on her behalf by Apps Genius Corp (OTCBB: APGS.
The APGS is intended to enhance the parking experience for customers by looking for potential software and hardware solutions with a green energy perspective.