APHEAAir Pollution and Health: A European Approach (respiration study)
APHEAAlaska Private and Home Educators Association (homeschooling)
APHEAAustralasian and Pacific Hansard Editors Association
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Aphea.Bio, which is a spin-off of the VIB, UGent and KU Leuven, will be led by CEO Dr Isabel Vercauteren and CSO Dr Steven Vandenabeele.
Medina et al., "Air pollution and daily admissions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 6 European cities: Results from the APHEA project," European Respiratory Journal, vol.
TABLE 5 Comparison of Relative Risk for a 10 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] Increase of [PM.sub.10] (a) in Different Areas Area Relative Risk 95% Confidence Interval Hong Kong (Wong et al., 1999) 1.016 1.010-1.022 Guangzhou (Zheng, 2001) 1.004 1.002-1.006 Jinan (Wang et al., 2008) 1.002 1.001-1.004 Tacoma (Schwartz, 1995) 1.019 1.006-1.032 Spokane (Schwartz, 1996) 1.016 1.007-1.026 London (Atkinson et al., 1999) 1.010 1.004-1.016 APHEA (Atkinson et al., 2001) 1.009 1.006-1.013 USA (Zanobetti et al., 2000) 1.020 1.015-1.024 Ontario (Luginaah et al., 2005) 1.012 1.008-1.016 New York (Schwartz, 1995) 1.010 1.002-1.019 New Haven (Schwartz, 1995) 1.012 1.000-1.025 (a) [PM.sub.10] = particulate matter less than 10 [micro]m in diameter.
Short-term effects of ambient oxidant exposure on mortality: a combined analysis within the APHEA project.
(78) The careful reader would also find Poliphilo's mental apostrophe to Polia, beginning: "0 delicate maiden," familiar as a paraphrase of his earlier outburst to Aphea, the nymph of the sense of touch.
AEGINA, 16 miles south-west of Athens, forms part of the Saronic island group and includes attractions from the bustling port in Aegin town and the archaeological site at the temple of Aphea to the lively resort of Aghia Marina.
This supplement was devoted to results of a large collaborative research project on the effects of air pollution on human health (The APHEA project).
Short-term effects of ambient sulphur dioxide and particulate matter on mortality in 12 European cities: results from time series data from the APHEA project.
The Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA) study of 29 European cities [26] can be one of the examples.
The principal multicity effort has probably been Air Pollution and Health--A European Approach (APHEA), a study in which relations between several pollutants and morbidity and mortality have been analyzed with data from several large and largely industrialized European cities (Katsouyanni et al., 1996).
The temporal pattern of mortality responses to ambient ozone in the APHEA project.