APHLAssociation of Public Health Laboratories
APHLAcquired Profound Hearing Loss (disability)
APHLAsia Pacific Hotels Ltd. (India)
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For example, APHL was instrumental in developing and implementing electronic reporting from state public health laboratories in the United States (9).
APHL and CDC are continuing to collect supporting data to substantiate this proposed algorithm.
We are pleased that DiaSorin, with their experience in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic tests for syphilis, is partnering with APHL in this educational process," said Whalen.
By promoting effective programs and public policy, APHL strives to provide public health laboratories with the resources to protect the health of US residents and to prevent and control disease globally.
To document the early utility of these programs and plan for expanding the state-based biomonitoring effort, APHL in collaboration with CDC contracted with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to interview the state biomonitoring program officials.
The recently published APHL Guidance for Laboratory Biomonitoring Programs (APHL, 2012) represents one way to assure a more efficient and effective system among state and national laboratory partners by supporting high-quality standardized laboratory practice.
Boston-based Acadient, in collaboration with APHL and the Massachusetts State Laboratory Institute, developed this critical tool to strengthen preparedness and response to the terrorist threat.
She answers several questions about APHL global activities that are sure to enlighten readers.
This important piece of legislation is needed to ensure that all babies born in the US have an equal chance for a healthy start to life," said William Becker, DO, MPH, chair of the APHL Newborn Screening and Genetics in Public Health Committee.
Results of a first quarter 2009 APHL survey indicate that the public-health laboratory workforce, which numbers 6,500 nationwide, has been reduced by at least 500.
In January 2003, APHL, in partnership with CDC, held the 50-State Biomonitoring Meeting.