APHMAssistance Publique Hopitaux de Marseille
APHMAssociation of Private Hospitals of Malaysia
APHMAssociation of Professional Hospitality Managers
APHMAssociation Pharmacie Hospitalière et Médicaments
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Kuala Lumpur -- A nine-member delegation of surgical/dental instruments exporters of Pakistan arrived in Kuala Lumpur today (Thursday) to attend APHM International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition 2012 being held from 17-19 July 2012 in the Malaysian capital.
Established in 1972, APHM currently represents more than 100 private hospitals and medical clinics licensed by Malaysia's Ministry of Health.
Contract notice:Mission of programming and assistance to project management for the projects of restructuring, renovation or renovation of the hospital patrimony of the APHM.
Kidnappings grinding and recycling daily papers, archives and archival boxes APHM.
The need is estimated at 10 terminals for all hospital sites APHM.