APHRAArab Program for Human Rights Activists (Cairo, Egypt)
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Margo Hendricks takes advantage of the dearth of evidence for Aphra Behn's early life in order to offer the possibility that she was "passing" for white.
In stark contrast, I found Margo Hendricks's essay "Alliance and Exile: Aphra Behn's Racial Identity" positively frightening, and I think that if historians are indeed to attend to what literary critics have to say, they had better not be asked to read Hendricks's essay.
"We're here today because no one is talking about this," Aphra says as she and Virginia Woolf distribute stickers that say:
In contrast, Cartelli's analysis of Jane Addams' enlisting of King Lear to identify the conflicts of management and labor in the Pullman Strike of 1894, as well as his discussion of Aphra Behn's Oroonoko, focus rather on how the writer's personal history and context informs her deployment of Shakespeare.
An early version of this paper was delivered at the Aphra Behn Society Conference in Athens, Georgia, October 1996.
Yet, if there was a gender bias, it was shared by Aphra Behn, who ridicules similar responses in nearly identical terms in the prefatory materials both to Sir Patient Fancy and to The Lucky Chance.
In her short study on Aphra Behn, Wiseman extends this interpretation of Aphra Behn's work and position as a writer.
BUT NEITHER THE CAREER nor the life is the focus of Rereading Aphra Behn.
This historical and literary study chronicles how the suffering of slaves was represented in 18th-century British writers, such as Aphra Behn, Richard Steele, William Dickson, and Laurence Sterne, who spoke out against slavery conditions, as well as the writings of African British authors including Olaudah Equiano.
Chapters addressing Margaret Cavendish, Aphra Bchn, Daniel Defoe (who earns two chapters), and Jonathan Swift all follow this pattern, though Pearl's careful argumentation and detailed readings never allow the chapters to become programmatic or reductive.
TATTOO artist Aphra Wilson is offering Yes inkings on the cheap to customers.
Their topics include maternal culpability in fetal defects: Aphra Behn's satiric interrogations of medical models, mental and intellectual disabilities in early modern revenge tragedy, disabling allegories in Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene, Renaissance disability in a post-communist culture, and freedom and (dis)ability in early modern political thought.